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Preschool Scholarships for Children

 We help children from economically disadvantaged families access high-quality preschool/child care services through scholarships. To date, DTC has provided over 200 scholarships. Learn more about our partner programs for scholarships:

Partner Programs for Preschool Scholarships:

  • Arlington Head Start Program, Northern Virginia Family Services, Arlington, VA
  • Bel Learning Center, United Community Ministries, Alexandria, VA
  • Falls Church McLean Children’s Center, Falls Church, VA
  • Laurel Learning Center, Cornerstones (Reston Interfaith),Reston VA
  • YMCA Fairfax County Reston, Reston, VA

Libraries and Literacy Programs for Preschool Children and Their Families

We help preschool children and their families increase their access to books and libraries. To date, DTC has reached over 1300 children. Learn more about our activities:

Examples of Literacy Programs/libraries

  • Children’s books and curriculum, Bel Learning Center, United Community Ministries (Alexandria, VA)
  • Lending library, Head Start program (Arlington, VA) and the SERVE Family Emergency Shelter (Manassas, VA) (operated by Northern Virginia Family Services)
  • Family library, Falls Church McLean Children’s Center (Falls Church, VA)
  • Lending library and parent workshops, Alexandria Community Preschool Network (Alexandria, VA)

Technology and Computer Labs for Preschool Children

DTC helps preschool children learn technology and access computer labs. To date, DTC has supported over 300 children in partner programs. Learn more about our activities:

Partner Programs for Technology and Computer Labs:

  • Preschool computer lab, YMCA Fairfax County Reston (Reston, VA)
  • Bel Learning Center, United Community Ministries (Alexandria, VA)
  • YMCA Capital View preschool program, YMCA of Metropolitan Washington, DC

Developing New, Innovative Preschool/Child Care Programs

DTC supports the development of new, innovative preschool/child care programs. To date, we have served over 1800 children through these programs.

Examples of Innovative Child Care/Preschool Programs

  • Developmental play groups in Northern Virginia (Emergency shelter and Cornerstones)
  • Devotion to Children Evening Preschool Program in Reston and Herndon (Cornerstones)
  • Intervention and Prevention Program, Bel Learning Center, United Community Ministries (Alexandria, VA)
  • Off-hours Child Care/Child Care So Parents Can Work (Cornerstones)

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