Devotion To Children is always looking for more volunteers. For more information about volunteering opportunities. Please contact Rosemary Tran Lauer at 703.255.2284


For gift matching our EIN is 54-1809222 and our mailing address is 2979 Westhurst Lane Oakton, VA 22124

Donations help Devotion To Children carry out its mission. For donation and sponsorship opportunities.

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Donate to Devotion To Children's matching fund for the new award for a preschool teacher. Please support Stephen Cumbie and his sister Jane Autler in their initiative of honoring their mother by donating to the matching fund for the endowment and the new award in the name of Mrs. Adella Williams Cumbie. It is a privilege for Devotion To Children to have the new award for preschool teachers to appreciate their hard work with young children. Devotion To Children will be giving an award and prize money to a preschool teacher each year starting from 2018 in the DMV area. Please donate to this fund to support our local teachers and appreciate their hard work!

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